+For 4 people
°300g Fusilli
°1 fried zucchini and smoked bacon
°2 Tomato
°8 pieces Confit tomato
+For the dressing:
°2 tbsp. Pastis
°1 C. Orgeat syrup
°1 C. balsamic vinegar
°2 tbsp. tablespoons olive oil
°flower of salt
°Pepper 5 berries from the mill

Instructions :

Stalk the fresh tomatoes, remove the seeds, then mix them with the candied tomatoes.
In a bowl, pour the pastis, orgeat syrup and vinegar. Mix everything well.
Add the oil and emulsify vigorously. Salt and pepper to taste.
Cook the pasta al dente, then mix it with the pan-fried vegetables. Drizzling with vinaigrette before serve.
Enjoy !