Spicy Southern fried chicken

For the marinade

°400g chicken
°1 tbsp chopped ginger
°1 tsp garlic powder
°1 tsp salt
°1 tsp oregano
+For the spice mix:
°3 tsp onion powder
°2 tsp garlic powder
°1 tsp white sugar
°2 tsp of oregano
°4 tsp paprika
+For the breading:
°90g flour
°180g fermented milk
°150g of breadcrumbs
°Salt and pepper
Mix all the ingredients for the marinade in a bowl and add the chicken.
Marinate for at least 30 minutes.
Prepare your spice mix in a bowl where you can dip the fried chicken pieces.
Heat vegetable oil to fry the chicken.
In 3 different bowls, add the flour (seasoned with salt and pepper), the fermented milk and the breadcrumbs.
Dip each piece of chicken in flour, fermented milk then breadcrumbs before frying for 4-5 minutes. They should be golden brown.
Transfer the chicken pieces to the spice bowl and mix well.
Arrange the chicken pieces in a bowl and serve hot.
Enjoy !

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